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We have often been asked to recommend metalworking fluids for the range of grinding and finishing machines that we sell and are now able to supply directly to you, the end customer, the very best cutting fluids at highly competitive prices.

The fluids supplied by AGS have been developed with a major coolant manufacturer and are fully approved by many of our Principals including both Bahmuller and Modler and are in use at large companies such as Delphi Diesel Systems, Toyota, Honda, Bosch, ZF and Schaeffler Group (amongst many other customers).

We can provide you with a full laboratory analysis of emulsion and oil samples and both technical and application support. Let us recommend the best metalworking fluids for your applications.

We offer a variety of cutting fluids for all major applications and our most popular are:

  1. Gear Grinding - AGS GearX
  2. Tool Grinding (Carbide or HSS) - AGS ToolXS or AGS ToolX) -
  3. High Speed grinding of hardened steels with CBN Wheels - AGS HSGX
  4. Turbine Blade Grinding Grinding of inconel, titanium, and similar materials using regular abrasives that need a water based emulsion - AGS AeroX
  5. Artifical Knee Joint Grinding Grinding & Milling of cobalt chrome or Stainless steel medical components - AGS MediX - AGS MediX
  6. Best selling Oil based coolant for all milling & turning operations - AGS MTX
  7. Best selling Emulsion for all milling & turning operations - AGS MTEX

Average delivery time is 10 days and oils and coolants are supplied by the drum. Click on the AGS Spec/code above to see full details on each fluid product.

The best metalworking fluids from Advanced Grinding Solutions


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