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Seven of Advanced Grinding Solutions principals are exhibiting at the forthcoming AMB show in Stuttgart; Bahmuller and Tschudin (hall 5 – 5B12) Rollomatic (hall 5 – stand 5D72) Magnetfinish (hall 8 -stand 8E64) Gerber (hall 8-stand 8D42) Platit (hall 3 – stand 3C40) and HandlingTech (Hall 6 stand 6C31).

Bahmuller produces internal and external cylindrical grinding machines for manufacturing very high precision components for the fuel injection and turbo-charger industries. One of Bahmullers largest end-users is Delphi Technologies who produce class-leading diesel injector systems for heavy-duty truck applications at its advanced UK manufacturing centre in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. As Delphi continues to invest in its major UK production facility there are a large number of Bahmuller machines currently under order to support its continued growth.

Tschudin have chosen the AMB show as the world-wide premier of its new 350 Cube and proline 600 centerless grinding machines. The new Tschudin Cube is thought to be the world’s smallest centerless grinding machine with a footprint of just 150x150x150cm and is designed to centreless grind small components from 1mm to 20mm in diameter for the automotive and medical industries such as needles, rollers and valves. The proLine 600 machine is the new giant within Tschudins range of machines and weighs some 22 tons. All Tschudin machines have solid granite beds, axis resolution of 0.1um, and benefit from unique patented features.

Since starting working with Rollomatic last summer, AGS has reported major sales to cutting tool and medical component manufacturers in the UK and Eire as Rollomatic continues to enjoy record machine sales of its range of blank prep and 5 and 6 axis cutting tool grinding machines. The new NP3 plus machine is a firm favourite for cutting tool makers needing to cylindrically grind multiple stepped diameters on cutting tool blanks prior to flute and end tooth grinding on machines such as Rollomatics 6-axis grindsmart® 629xw. The NP3 machine is based on the method of peel grinding with the simultaneous grinding of both roughing and finishing wheels. This technology, invented by Rollomatic, guarantees unmatched performance in cylindrical grinding and achieves micron precision. Rollomatic has chosen the AMB to demonstrate its latest technology as seen on its 830xw machine that’s the worlds first tool grinding machine to utilize the combination of both hydrostatic slideway technology with linear motors. This allows cutting tool manufacturers to achieve mirror finishes on cutting tool flutes, create radius shape accuracy under 0.005mm and perfect tool concentricity. Rollomatics tool grinding machines all come with its industry leading 3-year parts and labour warranty as standard.

AGS currently has several Magnetfinish machines under order for the UK and recently gave Magnetfinish their biggest ever single order that was in excess of £1.2m following sales made to a UK based automotive parts manufacturer who will take delivery of large robot based deburring machines early next year. The unique Magnetfinish process polishes the flutes on all types of HSS and Carbide rotary tools such as endmills, form cutters and drills, provides the perfect conditioning or "edge honing" of the cutting edges (micron rounding of the edge) and is also used to polish profiles on taps and coated cutters. Other applications lie in the fields of the fuel-injection and pump industries whereby burr free parts are considered to be a critical necessity. The Magnetfinish polishing process of the flutes on cutting tools results in a superior chip flow leading to the increased productivity of the tool. The surface finishes on the tool flutes that are generated by the Magnetfinish process are of the order of just 0.02µm Ra.

Gerber whose machines are also used by the cutting tool industry, will be using the AMB show to highlight the advantages that its brush deburring and profile generating machines can bring to punch tool makers. Gerbers machines are used to define the cutting-edge preparation of punches, dies, indexable inserts, profile cutting plates, drills and milling cutters. With this technology not only can defined radii in the 0.01mm range be produced, but also the roughness of the cutting-edge surfaces is improved by a factor of three and the surfaces are polished. This results in a significant increase in tool life and improved cutting performance. Indeed, tests at Feintool, a manufacturer of fine blanking tools, has shown that blanking tool lifetime can be increased by up to 200%.

Platit, whose machines are used for the coating of cutting tools of all kinds will be demonstrating their latest cost-effective machines at AMB to show how small to medium sized cutting tool makers can profit by bringing the coating of their cutters in-house rather than sub-contracting that essential process to outside sub-contractors. Platit machines ensure that the coating of tools in no "black art" and is a simple easy to handle process and a very important one for cutting tool manufacturers to control in-house. Apart from the obvious savings that can be made by not sub-contracting tools out for coating, the use of Platit machines and coating technology allows tool makers to offer their customers very quick turn-around times on special coated tools and to develop their very own improved coatings with ease.

Completing the AGS line-up at AMB will be HandlingTech whose advanced loading solutions, that are custom designed for any machine tool, is enjoying great success as component manufacturers invest heavily in automation to improve efficiency. Most of the high-performance machines that AGS sells into the UK are automated and as each year passes it’s clear that the need to automate increases further. This combined with the need for loaders to incorporate other technologies such as washing, deburring, measuring or assembly, has meant that today loaders have become machines in their own right and it’s now not uncommon for the loaders that AGS supplies to do more, and therefore be more complex, than the actual machines that they service. This is driven by the need to add value to the load/unload process to reduce manufacturing costs and to reduce work in transfer.

AGS will be on hand throughout the AMB show to meet UK and Eire customers and to demonstrate the very best in Advanced Grinding Solutions to them.

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